Hello Spring | Gift Idea

Spring is in full swing, and it’s time to organize, sort through, and reevaluate your life—relationships included. If you haven’t been the best kind of friend lately, don’t fret. It doesn’t take a grand gesture or a hefty price tag to get you back on track. Good, long lasting friendships are built upon small acts of kindness. So let’s start with a simple, just-because gift. It’s the little things, after all, that bring us the most joy in life. 

Things you’ll need:

cellophane bags

coordinating ribbon

twist ties

spring scented candles

brown paper tags


a permanent marker


Remove the packaging (if bulky) from the candle and place it at the bottom of the cellophane bag. I chose to gift Glade’s new ‘Hello Spring’ and ‘Poppy Grove’ 3.8 oz candles. They are bight, cheery, and smell like spring. 

Secure the bag with a twist tie and coordinating ribbon. I went for a monochromatic look, matching the green candle with a green ribbon. This is the perfect place to get creative, so feel free to mix it up. 

Next comes the tag. I kept my message simple, playing off the name of the candle 'Hello Spring'. If you want to get personal, you can tailor the message specifically to your friend. Either way, try to stick to the candle theme or incorporate the name/candle’s scent.

Tie the tag into the ribbon and you’re set to go! It’s time to get 'just-because gifting'. 

Photos for Foundation c/o Lori Romney Photography

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